How To Set Any Song As An Alarm On Android

No one wants to wake up to an audio that sounds harsh to the ears. Waking up to a song you
like is better than to listen to a shrieking voice early in the morning. Here we show you how to
set your favorite song as the alarm tone for your device. Keep the audio downloaded in your
device’s internal or external memory and then follow the steps given below.


Note: The images shown below are from ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser device and options and user
interface may vary according to devices. Although a few basic ideas may be the same. Some
devices provide an option to set the audio as alarm tone on pressing and holding the audio file
in your file manager.


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  1. Go to the Alarm clock options on your device. Or go to settings where you can find the Alarm clock option.


How to Set Alarm Clock


  1. Go to settings in the Alarm clock menu.


How To Set Alarm Clock


  1. In the settings option you will find a default ringtone for alarm option. Click on that.


Set Your Alarm Tone


  1. Here you will find an External storage column where all the other audios in your device will be displayed.


Set Your Alarm Tone


  1. Select the audio you want to set as your alarm tone and then Click on the check box in the right hand top corner.
Set Your alarm Tone


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