How To Turn A Windows Laptop To A Wireless Hotspot

So many of us have a LAN connection at home. With the help of a LAN wire, we can definitely use the Broadband data on our laptops. However not having a router creates problem for us, as we are unable to use our Broadband for both our laptop and mobile devices. But having a laptop is a good enough reason not to spend your money on buying a router sometimes.

Although you can use software applications like Connectify to create a hotspot network, but the problem arises when you need to buy subscriptions for those software. Also if you are a Windows 10 user you can directly go to the Internet connectivity option on the bottom right of your screen and click on it. This will open a menu in which an option for Hotspot will be available, clicking on which will start the hotspot. However if you are one of those who has a previous version of Windows and does not want to spend money on buying software then proceed ahead with the steps given below.

1. Right click on the Start button on the Taskbar (usually at the bottom of screen).


2. Click on Command Prompt (Admin) option on the Menu that appears after the first step.


3. A Shell/Command Line Interface similar to the one shown in figure below must open.


4. On the Shell/Command Line Interface type the following command : netsh wlan set hostednetwork ssid=krishna key=krishna123 mode=allow Here ssid is the name of the hotspot that you want to setup and key is the password key to connect to the hotspot.


5. After the successful execution of the above line, a Hotspot network will be created. To start the hotspot type the following command: netsh wlan start hostednetwork


6. Now the Hotspot is created and you can connect to it using other devices. To stop the hotspot network type the following command: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork


A better trick is to open notepad and write the commands in step 4 and 5 in two lines one below the other and save it in the form of a text file on any location. Manually change the file extension from .txt to .bat. This creates a batch file on Windows. Right click on the file and select Run as Administrator. This will start the hotspot every time you need without you going through the hassle of writing the commands repeatedly.


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