How To Download YouTube Video Without The Help Of Any App

The word YouTube is nothing new to us. In today’s date, YouTube has become the largest collector of videos online. Although many apps are available for downloading YouTube videos there are also websites that provide such facility. On these websites, you can paste the video link address and get started with downloading your video. The easiest way is to use the website that provides user with the access to choose and download from the large collection of videos that YouTube has. Also to get your videos you don’t need to go to the website directly.

Follow the steps given below to know how to go about getting your favorite video on your PC/Laptop.

1. Open browser and type in the address bar.

2. This will load the YouTube homepage. On the search box search the video you want to download.


3. Click on the video link to play it.


4. Observe the URL (address bar of the Browser Tab) that contains the URL of the video which looks something like ““.

5. On the address bar add ss before youtube. For example – change ““ to ““.


6. This will open the downloading page for the video. Here you can select the video quality for downloading. Select the video quality and the click on the download button. This will start the downloading.


In addition, you can download YouTube videos using the command line interface for youtube-dl which provides functionality like downloading the entire playlist at a click. Enjoy your downloaded video.


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