What is Google Find My Device and How To Use It?

Google Find My Device (earlier known as Android Device Manager) is a utility service provided by Google to Android Users to track their Android devices. This service can be used to locate your device (if lost), Lock it remotely and wipe all of the device’s data.

Find My Device shows you the exact location of your device if it is connected to the internet and the location is enabled. It also shows you the Battery percentage of your device along with the Wi-Fi network it is connected to. Using Find My Device you can do various things like ring your device remotely that is audible even if the device is in Silent Mode. With the help of it you can locate your lost device nearby. Let us now see how to use and setup Find My Device to be able to locate your device in a few easy steps.

First, we need to turn on Find My Device:

  1. Go to device’s Settings App.


  1. Go to Security & Location. If there is no such option then go to Google option.


  1. Go to Security option.

  1. Tap on Find My Device.


  1. Turn on the Remotely locate this device option and allow remote lock and erase. If not available then find the On button and click it.


Now you need to turn on the location:

  1. Go to device’s Settings App.

  1. Go to Location.


  1. Turn on the location.


Now check if Google Play visibility is switched on and the device you want to locate is selected:

  1. Go to google.com/settings on your device.
  2. Under the visibility column, check the box related to the device you want to track.


Now we are ready to locate your Android device. To do this you need to wither open the Find My Device app in some other device or visit the URL android.com/find. This will open a window (when opened as URL).


Here as you see the device location along with the Battery percentage of the device is available. You can also use the Play sound option to ring your device, Lock option  to lock your device remotely and Erase your device data completely to prevent data leak/stealing.

So the next time your device gets stolen just make sure that the internet was switched on in the device and you can your data from going in to the wrong hands.


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