How To Extend Battery life of your Android Device

The biggest problem these days for people with smart phones is not having enough battery power to last a complete day. This is a result of long time usage of battery consuming applications or these applications running in the background. Not always are you carrying a power bank to charge your device on the go. Hence, you need to be very careful how you use your device to optimize performance and battery usage. Therefore, here are a few ways you can save your battery to last longer for the day.

  1. Turn on power saving mode on your device: Go to Settings and then to Power Management option in your device. Here you will find different options to suit your needs. You can select options like power saving, super saving etc. These options may vary from device to device. Some Android devices also have a power saving option in the home screen drop-down menu.
































  1. Manage applications from the battery settings: Go to Settings in your Android device. Here you will find the battery option. In the battery panel, you will find the battery usage of applications displayed since the last charge time. Find the system applications you do not use or are unnecessary and force stop them. Also delete the applications that you installed but do not use as they may be draining the battery for operations running in the background.


  1. Turn your Wi-Fi and mobile data switched off when not in use: If you keep mobile data switched on all the time them there is a possibility that most apps are using data in the background. This also drains battery power as the apps are still running in the background. The usage may be minimal for a single application but multiple application combine to give major battery loss. Also keep your Wi-Fi, hotspot, location and Bluetooth when not in use.



  1. Use third party applications to hibernate applications: Many devices have inbuilt applications to provide options for battery saving, cleaning RAM etc. I personally prefer Clean Master application for my device. It helps me clean apps that are overheating my device and hibernate applications that are overusing battery in the background to extend battery life.



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