How To Check If Your Phone Supports Project Treble?

With the coming of Android 8.0 (Oreo) Google has introduced something new called Project Treble. The introduction of project treble has made life easier for manufacturers in updating devices to new versions of Android. The manufacturing of an Android device consists of Google building an open source Android version and then chip manufacturers like Qualcomm, Intel etc. building drivers to support the OS. Then the company comes in to customize the OS and add features before selling it to customers.

Now sometimes providing device updates for OS was not possible because the chip manufacturers were not able to provide driver updates on time but now with Google’s Project Treble this is going to change. Google’s project treble provides vendors with an interface that separates the device specific lower level implementation by chip manufacturers from the Android OS framework.

Earlier the device manufacturers had to update the chip vendor implementation before they could update the Android OS. Now Android has provided a new Vendor Interface that separates the implementation from the OS framework. So, now Android OS can be updated by just updating the Android OS framework, which will make the update cycle for any device faster than usual. Developers wanting to know Treble architecture can visit this link for in-depth knowledge.

Checking if your device has Project Treble support is easy. All you have to do is download the Termux (link) application from the Google Play store.


Open the Termux Application.


Write the command line argument “getprop ro.treble.enabled” in the application.

It returns false on a device that does not support Project Treble and false on a device which does not support Treble.


If it returns false as an answer it means time to buy a new phone :-p


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