How To Hide Files/Folders in Android

If you are a smartphone user, it is normal that you will have a collection of photos, videos and other documents. Moreover, you would not want them to land in the hands of a foreign user (temporary user). For such times keeping those contents out of their sight is very essential. Being a Linux based system Android has ways to hide your files and folders using a specific naming convention. However, Android devices need a third party application to do so. Here are the steps to hide your data successfully.

Step 1:  First, download and install a file manager for your android device. Some devices come with a pre-installed file manager. Recommended file managers for download

  • X-plore (used here for demo)
  • ES File Explorer


Step 2: Open the file manager and go to the storage where you want to hide your data.



Step 3: Create a new folder in the storage area. For the folder to be hidden the name of the folder should start with a “.”. Android automatically hides folders that have name starting with a dot (“.”).


Step 4: Select the drop down menu on the right-top corner and click on the Configuration option.


Step 5: Click on the Show Hidden Folder checkbox to select it if initially unchecked. This will make the hidden folders and files visible in your device inside the File manager.


Step 6: Go back to the same storage location where you created the hidden folder. The hidden folder should be visible now. Now you can keep all your private data in this folder. To hide it again uncheck the Show Hidden Folder checkbox in step 5




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