Five Ways To Gain Space On Your Android Device

Android devices tend to start running out of storage very quickly as we start installing applications, click pictures, record HD videos. Also software and firmware updates take up space. Although companies have been increasing the amount of internal storage that a device has but still it seems to be less. The lesser the space the more hassle it is to free up space. Therefore, here are a few ways by which you can save some amount of space on your Android device.


  1. Use android inbuilt service

Modern versions of Android devices provide a facility wherein you can view the amount of space taken up by different data types like videos, images, apps etc. To find this panel go to Settings -> Storage (or Storage and USB). Here you will have Internal Storage option clicking on which will give you an overview of the space used by apps, videos, images, audio etc.


  1. Use a Third Party Application

To check the amount of space taken up by different folders and files on your device you can also use any third party file manager like X-plore . Inside The file manager there is a utility named Disk Map. Click on the storage area whose data map you want to see and then click on the Disk Map button (on the left vertical bar) to see the usage map and clear data accordingly.



  1. Use cache cleaning apps like Clean Master

If you are someone, who uses lots of apps on your Android device very frequently then quite a lot of your space may get used up by the cache is created. Apps keep cache to provide you with some data even when offline/slow internet connection. You can discard this data, as it is not of much use later. Finding all the data manually and cleaning it can be tiresome. For this purpose, you can use free apps like Clean Master available on the Google Play Store.

Using this app you can clean your cache data, obsolete apk files that are no longer in use or have already been installed and empty files and folders of uninstalled apps.



  1. Move important data to Cloud

It is not only an efficient method to save space on your device but also a very good practice to prevent loss of data. Move your important data like personal photos/ videos from your device to any cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Doing so will free up space on your android device.


  1. Add an SD-card and move data

Another way to save space on your device is by adding an external SD-card to your device and moving data on it. You can move your videos, images and other data to the external storage. In addition, applications you can also install applications on this external storage depending on the version of Android and inbuilt features provided by the device manufacturer.


Additional Point: If you are a WhatsApp user it may so happen that the automatic backup of your data is being made on your device’s internal storage. There may be multiple copies of the backup. To find them and delete them go to Internal Storage -> WhatsApp -> Database. Here you will find the backup files. Keep the latest one and delete the rest to free up space. Also in the WhatsApp application go to Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup. Here enable the “Back up to Google Drive” option if not done already so that the next time backup is created on the cloud saving space from your device.


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