20 Ways To Make Your Android Device Better

  1. Configure A Secure Screen Lock

A more secure and complex screen lock helps prevent your data from unwanted users. If you are keeping a pin then make it more complex by using symbols, numbers and combination of small and capital letters. If you keep pattern lock then make it more complex.



  1. Root Your Device

Rooting your device gives, you access to a lot more things. After rooting your device, you have access to your device internals and can change your OS at will. This allows you to get updates and downgrade your device if the new versions are slowing it down.


  1. Remove Bloatware

Android devices comes with many unwanted applications that consume device space. Most users do not use these apps. Once you root your device, you can remove these apps from your device.


  1. Track Data Usage

Always keep your usage of data under check. Unnecessary use of data is a problem. Background running apps consume data that can be prevented by restricting background data usage in the Data Usage option of your device Settings.


  1. Monitor Battery Consumption

Battery consumption by applications running in the background is a big problem. It not only drains battery faster and harms battery life. To prevent this you can always go to Settings > Battery and check which app is using the most data. You can close/uninstall the apps you do not use but still are consuming data. In addition, third party applications like Clean Master can help you save battery by hibernating applications.


  1. Gain Storage Space

Use third party applications like Clean Master to clean the junk files in your device. In addition, you can personally check your unwanted files using your File manager and remove them to free up space.



  1. Use Cloud For Storing Large And Important Files

Use cloud storage options like Google Drive or Dropbox for storing your important files and folders. This saves space on your device thus preventing it from slowing down.


  1. Remove Useless Apps

If there are applications that you have installed previously but no longer use them, it is best to remove them. This way you can save your storage space and prevent those apps from running in the background and consuming data or battery power.

  1. Regular Backup of Data

Keeping regular backup of data helps you keep work safe. Any data on your device may get lost anytime. To prevent this always keep backup on the cloud is a good practice.


  1. Setup Google Find My Device

Losing your device in such a time when most of your personal data is stored in it can be quite troublesome. To prevent your data from being stolen always enable Google Find my Device on your device. This way even if your device is lost/stolen you can either lock it or erase its data remotely.


  1. Pin Important Apps on Home Screen

Once you have enabled screen pinning of applications you can pin important work screen to your device that then opens them and other tasks no longer are visible.


  1. Split screen Apps For Multi-Tasking

Some android devices already have the multi-window feature available with them. The multi-window feature enables multi-tasking which makes work easier and faster. Devices that do not have multi-window feature pre-installed can always applications from the play store that allow them to use the feature on any device. Apps like Multi Window and Floating Apps are available on the Play Store for the same.

  1. Use Developers option for advance control

If you are someone who has not enabled the Developers option in their device do it now. Go to Settings > About Click on build number multiple times until it says Developer option enabled. Now come back to Settings and you will find it here. When using Developer options you can control the animation duration of screens and windows, mock locations, and debug apps while developing them.



  1. Use Guest User for Shared Devices

If you have an Android device with multiple users like your friend or younger siblings (who are mostly interested in playing games) then it is best to use the Guest account option in Android devices. This enables you to prevent access to your own personal data from other users and provides with an alternate space that can be used by others for their work.


  1. Customize Quick Apps

You can manage the utilities provided in the drop down menu and add or remove some to make access to some easier and faster. Customizing them keeps you at bay with the most important things you require at the touch of your hand.


  1. Identify and Manage App Notifications

There are many unwanted notifications from applications on every device. You can always stop apps from showing notifications by visiting Settings > Apps. Select the app you want to block notifications and then Click on Notifications and then Block option.


  1. Avoid live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers and lock screen wallpapers drain a lot of battery because they always keep running the animation. Animating the screen drains a lot of battery. It is better to keep normal static wallpapers and mostly unicolour (likely black) to prevent rendering of multi-colour images.


  1. Get started with “OK Google”

Enable the Google Assistant and get helps just by saying “OK Google” and then your query. It automatically searches for you whatever you need. Also, it is one of the best rated assistant ever even higher than Cortana and Siri. For getting started with the Google Assistant press and hold the Home button on your device and give it permission to help you.


  1. Keep Home Screen Clean and Manage Widgets

Always keep your Home screen clean, it prevents your device from slowing down. Keep only important applications on the Home screen for quick access. Also, remove unimportant widgets.


  1. Update Your Device Regularly

Keep your Android device updated on a daily basis as it contains many security, firmware and software updates. These are very crucial for the better and smooth performance of your Device.



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