How to sync your I-phone with Windows 10

Transferring data from I-phone to Mac-book and vice versa is a very easy process. But what about transferring data from your I-phone to Windows 10 and vice versa?

Fear not folks, we at gad-fy are here to make your life easy. Just follow the below steps on transferring data from your I-phone to Windows 10 and you are all set!!!!!!

First and Foremost, you need to make sure that you have iTunes downloaded in your Windows 10 Laptop.

Copying to an iPhone

Import your music by going to File > Add Folder to Library to move your current music into iTunes in your laptop. Once you’re ready to sync, follow these steps.

1.Connect your iPhone to your laptopwith a cable.

2. Click Continuewhen asked if the computer can have access to the phone.

3. Click the phone iconin the top bar

4. Click Sync.

This should sync the two devices. If it doesn’t, go to the sidebar and enable the Sync checkboxes under Music, Apps, Movies, TV Shows and Photos and click Sync again.

Depending on how much data you’re syncing, this may take a while.

5. Check your photos, music, apps and videosto confirm that they arrived on the phone from Windows 10.



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